1. Overview of 96 Dinh Cong Building

The building is located on Dinh Cong street, which is the gateway of Dinh Cong urban area. It consists of 2 buildings, each with 21 floors, including 01 basement, Business services and the upper floors are apartments.
The building has 3 floors of business services, office with floor area of ​​about 1800m2 and total area of ​​about 4,500m2, large front, capable to meet the diverse requirements of office leasing, Area of ​​business, service, trade.

Located in a densely populated area, at an attractive price, 96 Dinh Cong Building is suitable for commercial services such as banks, supermarkets, restaurants, bookstores as well as transaction offices. , work of many scale domestic and foreign enterprises.

2. Quality of service and equipment
- The building is fully equipped with technical equipment, including:
- Air conditioning system
- Standby power system
- High speed elevator system
- Fire fighting system is standard

- Security, 24/24 monitoring and professional management services with service utilities include:
- Lighting for public areas.
- Cleaning and hygiene for the entire public sector.
- Collect garbage at gathering places.
- Maintenance and repair of equipment of the building.
For more information please contact: LEASING CONSULTING
Address: Tai Tam Building - 39A Ngo Quyen Street - Hang Bai - Hoan Kiem
Hotline: - 0912.887.062 -


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